Band Photo Page Band Bio Page Bill Mike Rodney Drew Harrison Trying to re-invent himself after spending entire playing career on drums and it's not going terribly well....what got him into TP&HB: "no one particular thing, other than a healthy respect for what they do, what they are, and the way they go about it all that developed over a period of time....and as demographic contemporaries, it's always been very apparent that we cut our musical teeth on the same stuff back in the day"....thing he likes most about playing with PT: "great players who, for the most part, understand the group concept....when I was really serious about this stuff, I would have killed for a bunch of guys like this....but now we all act like we should have back thenf"....thing he likes least about playing with PT: "I like every song we do so much that I can't differentiate favorites; therefore, when it comes to that, it's hard for me to exercise good judgment".   Role/Equipment Fun Fact * Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12- string Guitar, Percussion, Vocals TALK TO HIM ABOUT: all things Petty, Steely Dan, Spirit, baseball, football, basketball, the Ticket--all the usual stuff.... DON'T TALK TO HIM ABOUT: "you talk to me, you take your chances". Harrison Steve Bill Mike Rodney February: --------------------------------- Friday - 2/14/15 Hat Tricks Downbeat: 9:00 Lewisville March: --------------------------------- Saturday - 3/7/15 Dan’s Silverleaf Downbeat: 9:30 Denton April: --------------------------------- Friday - 4/3/15 Lee Harvey’s Downbeat: 9:30 Dallas Friday - 4/10/15 Tolberts Downbeat: 9:30 Grapevine May: --------------------------------- TAG Derby Day Event Saturday 5/2/15 The Empire Room Downbeat: 4-8 Dallas